Band Biography


"The Adventure of Black Lürxx"


GuysWe formed Black Lürxx in fall 1995 and moved to L.A. few months later. We were 18 years old then, and arrived in L.A. with only a backpack and our guitars. Our attitude back then was "either we'll make it here or we're gonna die". We had our information about L.A. from songs like Mötley Crüe's "Danger" and GN'R "Welcome To The Jungle". So we expected the worst...


Guys2For some weeks we lived on the streets, our guitars in a locker at LAX. These were tough times, but our determination was big. And so it wasn't so hard for us to deal with our situation. Finally we found a tiny "apartment". We spent the summer of 1996 living on 3 shared noodle soups a day and looking for a drummer.


Guys liveByfall 1996 we had found a drummer and recorded "Tunes From The Gypsy Swamp". Soon after that we started playing around L.A.. and already in the spring of 1997 we recorded our first full lenght release "Give It To The Sea", which was received very well by just about everyone who listened to it.


Guys live2Throughout 1997 we kept working the L.A. club circuit and building up our fan club, the International Lürxx Gang. We were nominated "Best Hollywood Band" in the 1997 Rock City Awards. After a Halloween show at the Troubadour we fired our drummer whose narrow-minded attitude had been getting on our nervs for months.


Guys posingWe found our new drummer, Joe Prozac, in early 1998. Little did we know then what an intense year this was going to be..... We playd some more shows in L.A. before we headed off to Finland, since Joe, a native Brit, was only in the States with a tourist's Visa, and we had a big deal manager interested in us in Finland......


guys on the beachIn Finland everything sucked for us. After only 3 months we had a major falling out with our management and left the country. However in those 3 months we shot a great video clip for "Give It To The Sea", we went into studio to completely re-record our debut album with Joe, and we did a handfull of gigs, as well as some TV, radio, and magazine appearences. But our management's attempts to push us as a "pretty looks" kind of band, supposed to appeal to teenage girls and make a quick buck, stood in direct conflict to our ideals and so we left.


We left Finland in September 1998 for Hambug, Germany. In December we went into pre-production for our new album "A Thousand Rainseasons". We had already pretty much completed pre-production around Christmas and Joe went home to England over the holidays. There, he got beat up so bad he had to have steel plates put into his face and he couldn't drum for 2 months. To make things worse, Nico fell really ill during this time and actually completely lost his voice - a very scary experience for every singer! The recording of the album had to be postponed and initially we were planning on doing it in the fall 1999. The shit really hit the fan big time, though : just when "Give It To The Sea" was released (summer 99) we had falling out with Joe. Well, it was more like he just fell out - we hadn't really been aware of any problems. In any case, we couldn't go through with our plans.


By the time 2000 came, Nico had decided he wanted to have some serious vocal coaching before returning to both the stage and the studio. We decided to stay in Hamburg for now because we really grew to like this city and we found a cheap and nice place to live. We also decided to cpmplete our education since we were both drop-outs without any decent diploma. At the moment we are studying for the equivalent of a college degree which will enable us to go on to University. Right now we are without a steady drummer and we are working on a number of projects, doing music as well as literature and art.


We don't want to be "just a rock band" but we want people to see Black Lürxx as an all around art projects because we like to do exactly what we want to do and we do not want to be labeled and stashed away in some existing drawer!