This is the section where I will do track down all the updates that I make to the site.

So check in here often to see what's new with the site.

Coming up soon more gallery pics ...

6/18/01 : Changed a few thing in the Newtsletter and Discography sections. Also the mailing address has changed.

5/13/01 : Uploaded 2 songs in the songs section, which is a new section I just created.

5/11/01 : Changed the main page a bit.

4/13/01 : Changed the sections a little bit. Now the facts Sheet, interviews, newtsletters, greetings from the guys are going to be in the Interactive section. Check it out.

4/13/01 : Uploaded 2 more Newtsletters.

4/12/01 : Uploaded 2 newtsletters.

4/10/01 : Updated the gallery with tonz of more pictures.

4/09/01 : Reviews are up.

4/07/01 : Upload the biography of the band.

4/07/01 : Uploaded the facts sheet of the Nick & Johnny.

4/07/01 : Merchandise is up.

4/07/01 : Greetings for the guys is up.

4/07/01 : Check the Discography section for the mailing address of the guys. You can write them at that address and they will write you back as soon as they can.